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This is the official website of "Trivia" Guinness World Record holder, Wilson Casey, who's so proud of this fact! is ranked one of the world's best trivia sites because of its fresh, new content every day 365 days/year for members who've joined!  NOW ACCEPTING NEW JOINERS!

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A.K.A. THE Trivia Guy, Wilson Casey is one of the world's foremost trivia aficionados and professional fact-checkers, researchers, and content providers with a syndicated column, multi-published books in the marketplace, and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running (thirty hours) radio trivia broadcast in which he asked and identified the correct answers to 3,333 consecutive questions.


Since 2000 (also original launch year of, he has written a daily (7x/wk) general-flavored trivia column that has appeared in numerous newspapers including the Albuquerque (NM) Journal, Tacoma (WA) News-Tribune, Providence (RI) Journal, Wilmington (NC) Star News, Hendersonville (NC) Times-News, Palestine (TX) Herald Press, Spartanburg (SC) Herald-Journal, and others; while King Features Syndicate nationally distributes his weekly "Bible Trivia". His trivia now reaches millions of readers in 500+ papers!  (If not in your paper, please contact for info on carrying.)

As a fulltime freelance writer, and when not out speaking, promoting, and entertaining, he lives in Spartanburg, SC and welcomes the opportunity to play trivia / speak / emcee / host / roast your next event whether large or small! --- Pulling from his 22 years experience of being a zany live "on-air" radio personality, Wilson's engagements provide wholesome family fun, upbeat entertainment, and comedy. Let him vitalize your next affair! To book the "Guinness World Record" holder & "Trivia Guy", please inquire for availability/rates: Contact.

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Did you realize that TrivGuy Guinness World Record Holder, Wilson Casey, writes a 7x/wk trivia column of 6 multiple choice questions? That's 6 questions a day every day rain or shine! Now in its 11th consecutive year, the column is extremely popular and is carried in hundreds of nationwide papers.

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