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Sample Sunday

Is the book of Malachi in the Old or New Testament or neither?

From Song Of Solomon 1, what does the Shulamite say the rafters
to her house are made of? Cedar, Fir, Sackcloth, Vines

Who wrote a letter to Felix concerning Paul?
King Darius, John, Claudius Lysias, Peter

In the new creation, the wolf shall feed with the ... ?
Children, Fishes, Lamb, Ox

What did Noah begin to be after the flood?
Husbandman, Shepherd, Carpenter, Teacher

1 Peter 5 compares Satan to what animal?
Serpent, Roaring lion, Beheaded calf, Horse

ANSWERS: Old, Fir, Claudius Lysias, Lamb, Husbandman, Roaring lion

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