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Samples for Newspapers & Consumers with PROVEN Fun Fact: Trivia WORKS!

17th Year "World's Best" 7 Day-A-Wk Trivia Columns Carried Successfully in Over 500 Nationwide Papers!

Everyone Wins!  Especially Readers & Advertisers, Too of Papers Who Option to Sell It!  Guaranteed Success!

It's 6 Multiple Choice Questions Every Day!  365 Days/Yr!  Mon - Sat : Runs the Gamut of General Categories. Sundays: Biblical 

20-Teaser Weekly Versions Available Once & Twice a Week (Different Content from Dailies)!  Also just Biblical & Other Catered Versions!  Please Inquire!

Here's a random sample day.  Scroll down for more!  Remember too, columns are truly size-adaptable (run less than supplied)!

The International Space Station is about the size as which sport’s
playing area or field?
   Curling, Basketball, Football, Polo

Which group generally drinks their coffee "instant" ten-to-one over
freshly brewed?
   Canadians, Mexicans, Scandinavians, British

Studies have shown that cows, pigs, and goats may do or have what?
Realize death, Know their kin, Bear grudges, Sense of humor

What brand claims “Tooth Fairy” as a registered trademark?
Old Spice, Michelin, Colgate, Motorola

In M & M candies, what do the letters stand for?
Mars/Murrie, Melt/Mouth, Martin/Mills, Moore/Mental

What does “supotsu” mean in Japanese?
Spanking, Spoon, Sports, Splash

ANSWERS: Football, British, Bear grudges, Colgate, Mars/Murrie, Sports 

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Request More Info? / Rates? / Questions?

If you're a newspaper/magazine, radio/TV program, or if you need great content/format to conduct your own trivia outing and wish to carry / utilize / find out more--  Please contact!   Versions are available to specific needs such as every day 7x/wk, 1x/wk of 20 teasers, just Biblical 1x/wk, 2x/wk of 20 teasers, 3x/wk of general flavored, only weekdays, etc.  Please permit the TrivGuy to cater a specific plan so you, too, can receive useful trivia 2 wks-30 days advance of your deadlines. (You're also free to sell ads at columns if desired).   Join hundreds of other nationwide papers and various mediums already going with this proven informative winner!  References galore! Unmatched credentials!

Since 2000 (also original launch year of, the Guinness World Record Holder Wilson Casey has written a daily (7x/wk) general-flavored trivia column that has appeared in numerous newspapers including the Albuquerque (NM) Journal, Tacoma (WA) News-Tribune, Providence (RI) Journal, Wilmington (NC) Star News, Hendersonville (NC) Times-News, Palestine (TX) Herald Press, Spartanburg (SC) Herald-Journal, and others.  His trivia now reaches thousands, perhaps millions of readers in 500+ papers!  (If not in your paper, please contact for info on carrying this size-adaptable fun feature now in its 17th year of being absolutely loved by readers!) 

14 Questions/Answers about my Highly Successful Trivia Columns in Newspapers
1) How much does it cost?
2) Who else is carrying it?
3) How long you been doing it?
4) What are your credentials?
5) How much space does it require?
6) How often is it available for readers?
7) Can I sell ads to sponsor it?
8) Can I see some samples?

9) Is there a contract?
10) Would trivia work in my paper?
11) Do you work at this fulltime?
12) Are you easily accessable?
13) Why are your columns so successful?
14) Are there group discounts?

The Short Answers
1) Depends on frequency and circulation
2) Over 500 nationwide dailies and weeklies
3) 14 consecutive years 7x/wk  365 days/yr
4) 2 "Trivia" Guinness World records
5) Column is size-adaptable and multiple choice
6) 7x/wk, 1x/wk, 2x/wk, you name it!
7) Certainly your option if desired.
8) Scroll up, see above, but live samples to be emailed to you.

9) Yes, 30 days notice either of us may stop.
10) Absolutely, as is tested, tried, and true.
11) Yes fulltime.  It's what I do!
12) Yes! PH (864) 621-7129,
13) They inform and entertain!
 14) Most definitely additional savings for groups!

  Or / when you join us as a direct consumer, each day will be specifically dated and topical-flavored as per that applicable day (holidays/special occasions, etc.).  Sundays are always biblical-flavored with the remaining 6 days of a general-nature.  They'll come each day automatically to your inbox (email)!  Plus by special access at site, you can view the past 10 days of fun columns, experience trivia surveys, see tiebreakers and fill-in-the-blank teasers.  New feature: Members can now submit their own teasers to site!