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THE "TrivGuy" Guinness Holder! (See comments below)

on Wed, 2011-09-14 13:40

Latest by Prolific Author and Guinness Holder Wilson Casey
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Coming Soon!   BRAND NEW Additional Super Fun FEATURE:

Get It Right!  And Continue!

No Registration or Signing in.  Just Play (in the limited version)!
Here’s your trivia question (you'll be posed).  Select your answer.
If you answer correct, you’ll get another.
Questions are constantly changing.

Without being a member (joiner) of, you can get upto 3 questions provided you answer the first 2 correct.


But Coming Very Soon - Even Much, Much Better for Joiners at No Additional Charge!

Unlimited Questions for Members!

You'll be able to sign in with your username and password.  See how many in-a-row you can get correct.
Members get unlimited numbers of questions provided you keep getting them correct.
Post your score to the scoreboard!  This is in addition to all your other membership benefits!

Top 20 Scoreboard

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Super Winning Tip for Trivia Nights Anywhere:  Bring someone along who's dumber than yourself, or at least more dumber-looking!  And for the latest Wilson Casey appearances/gigs/engagements, always please keep checking the Events page of this website. 

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 Wilson Casey
Spartanburg, SC

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Tennisguy's picture

Wonderfully entertaining gentleman. Just so full of useless, I mean trivial information. It is a pleasure to call him a friend.

hollar's picture

Love getting my trivia every day. It's so informative. If I get 3 out of the 6 questions that are posed CORRECT, I'm happy. The teasers really cover a wide field of topics. Keep up the good production! The tiebreakers-aspect at the end of daily trivia really helps out at trivia gigs (and for that matter, being able to view the past 10 days of columns does, too). I get my daily "trivia fix" into my emails, but also forwarded to/in my phone. I love this site and am proud to be called a "TrivHead".

bruton redding's picture

I'm enjoying the new daily on line service. I think the listing of possible tie-breaker questions will be helpful in competition. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the cause.

carruth00's picture

Really enjoy the convenience and look of the new site. Should attract triv-heads from around the world... literally!

Test1's picture

Spread the word to your friends about getting those daily trivia questions!

kerrb's picture

What a great way to have fun and learn at the same time. Wilson, you have certainly
made my Wednesday nights something to look forward too. I have been up and down in the top ten. Tennessee, I'm trying to get up again so give me a chance.
Invite all your friends because Wilson is the "BEST".
See ya Wednesday night and please don't beat me too badly.
HAVE A GREAT DAY....... Becky Kerr