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Sample Thursday

On what TV series would one find the character Horatio Caine?
Heroes, CSI: Miami, The Office, Medium

Which brothers are credited for building the first practical
hot-air balloon? Wright, Caine, Zurlini, Montgolfier

What was an ancient Greek professional that recited epic poetry?
Metacarpi, Tombola, Rhapsodist, Cougar

Which “Little” statue is in the Copenhagen, Denmark harbor?
Princess, Mermaid, Corporal, Giant

What shellfish are mainly used to make “Coquilles St. Jacques”?
Scallops, Lobsters, Crawfish, Shrimp

Fillet of beef cooked in a pastry case is known as?
Stroganoff, Tips, Soufflé, Wellington

ANSWERS: CSI: Miami, Montgolfier, Rhapsodist, Mermaid, Scallops,

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